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Keyhole Surgeries of the Nose
Keyhole Surgery of the Nose enables us to be more thorough says Dr. Manoj

Keyhole surgeries of the nose gives us surgeons an excellent visualization of tissue to avoid any errors. The scope gives us an end to end, 3D view that helps us ensure a complete removal of the disease, leaving no chance for recurrence.

Why Keyhole Surgery?
For one, there is no cutting wound. In conventional surgeries we cut through the nose or the inside of the upper lip. There is no ugly facial scar. Repeated surgery can be avoided and so can other life-threatening complications.

As there is no incision you will not experience the blood loss of conventional surgery. Also there is no major trauma to the eyes. There is only minimal access to the brain, so major surgical stress is avoided. Recovery too takes place in a shorter period.

Surgeries of the Nose
Primary sinus surgery involves surgery for repeated sinusitis, nasal polyposis complications of sinusitis, headache and facial pain, fungal infection of sinuses, early detection of cancers and surgery for correction of CSF leak.

In transnasal endoscopic assisted surgeries of the skull base, visualization is superior. Advances of technology have made it possible to extend Endoscopic surgeries of the nose, beyond sinuses, to skull base regions, mainly for transnasal pituitary tumour removal, biopsy of skull base tumours to check response to treatment, repair and closure of CSF leak and more.