Department of Pulmonology


Breathe Easy Bronchoscopy is here
A safe and specialized procedure – extremely useful in the diagnosis and management of many pulmonary (lung) diseases.

The bronchoscope is an endoscope used to visualize the airway (windpipe). Bronchoscopy is mainly used for the diagnosis of suspected pulmonary infections like TB, pneumonia, lung abscess etc. Through bronchoscopy, it is possible to obtain a sample from the exact side of the affected lung . By analyzing the sample the infection can be treated most effectively.

Crucial for Diagnosis
Bronchoscopy is the primary diagnostic tool for patients with suspected lung cancer and those coughing out blood (haemoptysis). In cancer, biopsy of the lung, tissue can be extracted by this method, avoiding the need

for opening the chest wall. Certain lung cancers affecting the airway can also be treated by laser therapy and brachythereapy using this method.

Further Symptoms
Unexplained and prolonged cough, haemoptysis, change in character of cough, uncontrolled wheezing, may require bronchoscopy to find the cause. Sometimes cancers, or a foreign body that may be the cause for the above symptoms, can be

diagnosed and treated by this simple procedure, alone. Foreign bodies like a peanut, denture, chalk, etc, which have been aspirated into the airway can be removed without any surgical intervention.

Outpatient Procedure
This procedure is being done as an outpatient method. No anaesthesia is required. It is pain free. Absolutely no incision is needed as the bronchoscope is passed through the nose or mouth into the airway. The ease of access into the lung, direct visualization, flexibility simplicity of use which allows rapid examination even in restless/distressed patients, makes bronchoscopy the procedure of choice in almost all kinds of lung diseases.