The World Through A Keyhole

“ Earlier, patients proudly flaunted a big scar as proof of major surgery. Not any more. Dr. Mohandas tells us how the “minimalism” concept came to surgery, as well.

When I was a boy I loved to be taken to the local fair. And right there, next to the man selling pink panji muttai, was the Bioscope Man. For a few paise we were invited to peer down a small hole – and we were instantly transported – the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, London Bridge all flashed by as the wheel spun. We saw a whole world through a small keyhole!!

Today as a surgeon, I feel the same exhilaration when I perform keyhole surgery. Gone are the days when a patient proudly flaunted a big operation scar. “The bigger the doctor, the bigger the scar,” was the thinking. Now the wheel has come full circle. With the emphasis on comfort and cosmetic appearance, minimalism has come to surgery. Now “the bigger the doctor the smaller the scar”. Patients are demanding, painless, bloodless and scarless surgeries. Keyhole surgery is the answer to their demands.

Minimalism in Surgery
Keyhole Surgery is also known as minimal access or minimally invasive surgery as all procedures are done through a small incision – sometimes as small as a keyhole. There is very little dissection of muscles, fascia and tendons in this kind of surgery. The blood vessels and nerves are not damaged. There is very little bleeding.

Internal organs are not exposed to the environment, therefore chances of infection are reduced. Duration of the hospital stay is also minimized – patients can “Come in the morning, go in the evening”.

Patients prefer keyhole surgery as there is no big scar, few complications, and they can get back to their daily routine, including sports, very quickly. In the following pages you will get to know more about keyhole surgery and the very real benefits it offers you.